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Summer Business Lunch

Please contact us here at C.B.N we only have 2 early bird tickets left. Early bird tickets are €25 Full price €30 This is an excellent networking opportunity with local businesses
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Networking advice for Face to Face and Digital

Networking mistakes are easy to make, especially for those who are out of practice. Failing to keep an active network can hinder your employment prospects if you suddenly find yourself in the job market with no contacts or references. Outlined below are several top business networking tips and tricks for overcoming the most common networking…
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Networking By Richard Branson

Networking By Richard Branson "When I started networking on behalf of Virgin Music meeting with agents, persuading musicians to sign with us, finding distributors it often involved swapping phone numbers scrawled on napkins. It was the '70s, after all! These days its much easier to connect with people who can help you launch and grow…
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