ISkills Training


If you remember ‘learning’ experiences as grey, boring and often attended with dread, iSkill Training is the polar opposite of that. Our courses are colourful, interesting, engaging and you’ll look forward to the day!

We know you have a lifetime of experience so our programmes are interactive, allow time for reflection, discussion and involvement. In addition to their specialism and professional qualifications, our tutors are also qualified in Adult Education, Training and Development. We understand what it’s like to be the ‘participant’ on a programme, so we work hard to create enjoyable, effective learning environments.

To achieve the learning outcomes, we encourage participation, invite you to make contributions, to learn from each other, as well as from the course material and tutors.

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12 A&B Bluebell Business Park, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12

01- 424 2440

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