What is Canal Business Network

The Canal Business Network (CBN) is working in conjunction with Saint James Hospital to revamp business within the canal area. Scott Golden, Evelyn Lane and Kevin Coughlan (chair of C.B.N) are all building a relationship between business and creating job opportunity’s in the Canal area.

In November The C.B.N network meeting focused on the progression for the next 6 months. Most of that was focused around the new development of the Saint James Hospital where jobs will be created in the area along with many other development sites coming trough the pipeline. They will involve many of the businesses’ in the area to do a drive for “Shop Local” With the tag line “Use them or lose them”

The CBN is gaining momentum online with the digital age spreading like wild dire they seem to have their finger on the pulse of it all. With Twitter Linkedin Facebook and Google business it is gaining the CBN members on a daily bases.


Creating the background of a network can be a difficult thing and the hard work is serenely paying off to all involved with strategic plans that have been made so far I would like to see more from this organisation in the near future.

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